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buxus microphylla flower

This compact evergreen shrub will provide any garden with glossy green, neat greenery, ideal for hedging and borders. Hardy, compact, evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green, oval foliage. Leaf type Foliage leaf. Light conditions Semi-shades . It is in leaf all year, in flower from April to May. Buxus micro. Buxus Microphylla ‘Faulkner’ B. Microphylla Koreana; Other Hedging Plants Include: PhotiniaPhotinia; ConifersConifers; Evergreen Magnolia; Lilly Pilly; BambooBamboo; PittosporumPittosporum; Buxus ( Box Hedging) plants are available for sale from the following wholesale growers. Great as a speciman shrub, formal hedge or potted greenery on the patio. Great for shaped hedges in the landscape. Buxus microphylla ‘Faulkner’ has a very dense, mound forming habit of growth, even more so than Common Box making it perfect for hedges, topiary and even as first-class evergreen ground cover. Buxus microphylla is an evergreen Shrub growing to 1 m (3ft 3in) by 1.5 m (5ft) at a slow rate. Glossy evergreen foliage is attractive year-round, and holds up well to winter weather. microphylla Dwarf Japanese Box, Korean Box. 1993). Ideal for low maintenance low hedges, borders, rockeries and pots. Product details. Buxus microphylla Siebold & Zuccarini var. Half Sun. Current Stock Height: 20/30 cm ? Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. Growing - Available Soon. An excellent specimen shrub for formal gardens, hedging and topiary. Buxus microphylla var. Location of Buxus microphylla var. Leaf colour, pattern Marginate. Product details. Size: 3 m * Categories: Shrubs and Perennials. Description. Award-winning Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner' (Small-Leaved Boxwood) is a dense, compact, evergreen shrub with a lush foliage of small, rounded, dark bluish green, glossy leaves. Buxus microphylla var. SALE Box Hedge. Full Sun – Prefers 6 or more hours of sun per day. Buxus microphylla var. Stock of this item is very low. Flowers: August September October Flowers greenish yellow , in spring. The flowers are largely in Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner' - Japanese Box. your own Pins on Pinterest japonica is: Evergreen Considered to be one of the best hedging plants, the compact habit and attractive bright green, glossy foliage of the Japanese Box (Buxus microphylla var. aka Korean Box. Other names. It has small, rounded to oblong, glossy dark green leaves. Plant Care: Full Sun. $ 2.50. koreana is a very sturdy evergreen shrub that makes a great dense screen or hedge, or can be cut to shape. Toxicity (if consumed) Highly toxic. Buxus Microphylla Japonica [Japanese Box] Medium 250mm Pot. How to Care for Littleleaf Boxwood. Discover (and save!) japonica. Buxus Koreana Tide Hill. Structure (tissues) Woody. The foliage retains its rich color most of the year, becoming bronze-tinged in cold winter weather. It is a slow grower with densely allocated foliage, allowing plenty of time to create a linear, topiary, or spherical shape by shearing or clipping. Common name(s) Chinese Box, Japanese Box, Korean Box. SKU: Bjp1 Common Name - Japanese Box - An evergreen shrub with bright green glossy leaves. This taxon was described from an elevation of 1800 m in the Taroko gorge, Hualian, Taiwan. BUXUS MICROPHYLLA ‘BADSEY KINGSVILLE’ £ 9.00. Buxus microphylla var. This is a hardy variety that excels in warmer climates. Buxus microphylla Faulkner Buxus microphyllia Korean. 2, 3: 668. Flower arrangement, shape, and size. Botanical Name: Buxus Microphylla Japonica Medium 250mm pots Common Name: Japanese Box . APPEARANCE: Small evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves and tight round foliage.Extremely cold hardy. Although littleleaf boxwood (Buxus microphylla) has been in cultivation since the 15th century, there are no records of it existing in the wild. A slow-growing, dwarf, evergreen shrub with dense, glossy dark green foliage and a slightly weeping habit. Fragrant Boxwood Flowers. Does not have the rancid smell associated with Buxus sempervirens so well suited to courtyards and confined spaces. Buxus microphylla var. japonica. Apr 17, 2017 - Japanese box, Littleleaf box. $29.99. QTY: CLICK TO ENLARGE. Cultivars and their differences Wintergreen (Buxus microphylla var. Add to Buy Later. Buxus microphylla var. tarokoensis S. Y. Lu & Yuen P. Yang (Fl. The foliage retains its rich color most of the year, becoming bronze-tinged in cold winter weather. Out of stock. Leaf margin: entire Trunk/bark/branches: typically multi-trunked or clumping Leaf shape: obovate Leaf venation: none, or difficult to see Leaf type and persistence: evergreen Leaf blade length: less than 2 inches Leaf color: green Korean boxwood (Buxus sinica var. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. japonica NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. japonica can tolerate full sun) Water: Soil: well-drained soil: USDA Zone: zones 6 - 9 : Care : Maintenance: roots need cool, moist conditions, so mulching around the root zone is a good idea japonica is a compact, dense, upright, evergreen shrub with ovate, mid- to dark green leaves and insignificant, greenish-white flowers in spring.. Buxus microphylla var. A faster growing variety of the evergreen shrub. Photo Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner' EN RU. Inconspicuous, but fragrant. japonica - B. microphylla var. This came to me in 1974 as B.’Kingsville’ and I wonder about it’s true identity. Key features: Dramatic foliage Common box, Buxus sempervirens, is a vigorous, evergreen, bushy, upright shrub or small tree. Maintains better green color in winter than the species. koreana 'Wintergreen'): 2 to 3 feet high and wide with a compact form. Buxus Buxus. SKU: Bfaul1 Common Name - Buxus Faulkner - Buxus Faulkner has a tight compact growth and holds a deep green foliage in both frost and hot, dry conditions. Leaf margin Entire. Buxus microphylla japonica is perhaps the most popular shrub for low hedging. PLANTING: Prepare soil with compost prior to planting.Plant in well drained soil, mulch well and water regularly for the first twelve weeks until the plant is established. Genus Buxus can be evergreen shrubs or small trees, with simple, leathery, opposite leaves and clusters of small, pale yellow flowers followed by pale green to brown fruits Details 'Faulkner' is a dense, low, compact, spreading evergreen shrub with small, rounded, mid-green aromatic leaves The … WINTER HILL TREE FARM Ph: 02 4878 9193 Fax: 02 4878 9109 NSW Southern Highlands Retail & Wholesale. Buxus microphylla var. Additional information. Koreana. A very hardy Buxus, ideal in warmer climates, as it tolerates heat better than other varieties. Swipe to View More . Shaded area represents potential planting range. Plant as a feature in decorative pots and containers to add lush greenery to a patio setting. Buxus microphylla var. Japanese boxwood, Buxus harlandii misapplied. Buxus microphylla var japonica 'Green Beauty' (Japanese Boxwood) - Japanese Boxwood is a dense rounded shrub growing only 6 feet tall, easily kept … Half Sun – Prefers 3 To 6 Hours of Sunlight a Day. Fine soft leaves – bronze-orange in winter, “cuddly”, 50cm x 1.5m in 30 years! Description. The small, lance shaped leaves are dark green and turn bronze in winter. More often than not, they are planted side by side to create a formal garden structure. $ 2.45. A naturally dwarf, compact, and cold hardy Boxwood with a conical habit that lends itself to bonsai, dwarf hedging, and containers. Genus. Fast growing; Disease resistant; Hardy; Description. Buxus is … Buxus microphylla -- Littleleaf Boxwood Page 2 October 1999 Figure 2. Needs more trimming to keep compact. Taiwan, ed. japonica 25 Pack Buxus microphylla japonica. Current Average Height (from the top of the pot) 350mm and VERY bushy. Quantity. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Buxus Microphylla Var. Container: 8l ? Small, dry capsule; not ornamentally important. B. microphylla var. Fruit, cone, nut, and seed descriptions. Notify Me. Inflorescence Raceme. The species is monoecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant) and is pollinated by Bees, flies. japonica. Plant, growth type Erect. Buxus microphylla japonica is a compact evergreen shrub with bright green, leathery obovate leaves. Grows in full sun to partial shade and tolerates a wide range of soils, from mildly acidic to mildly alkaline (ie chalky), with good drainage essential. Buxus microphylla ’Sunburst’ • Use: A great addition to the landscape with it's showy golden variegation. Its dense habit makes it ideal for hedging or screening and it can be closely clipped into different shapes. Flower: fragrant, but not showy: Bloom Period: Spring: Fruit: capsule : Environment : Sun: part shade (B. microphylla var. Buxus microphylla – Japanese Box. Valued for its dwarf, compact habit it is ideal for low hedging or edging. Foliage: This plant bears green foliage in summer. Flower colour: Yellow. A delightful little American cultivar of the Korean Box plant. Leaf division Simple. It is hardy to zone (UK) 6. Buxus microphylla 'Bulthouse' USPP 25,896; CBR 5282. Fast growth rate makes Sprinter ® boxwood more profitable than the rest! More Images. Back to Previous Page. Add to Buy Later. Buy Buxus Microphylla Japonica - Plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. If you want a boxwood with flowers that speak to you, try a different species. JAPANESE BOX – Buxus microphylla var. japonica ‘Japanese Boxwoood' Japanese Boxwood is a dense rounded shrub growing only 6 feet tall, but grows faster than the species. Sprinter ® Japanese boxwood is an improved, fast-growing form of 'Winter Gem'. japonica Japanese Box . Easy. Moisture requirements Well-drained. See more ideas about Buxus, Japonica, Plants. USES: Perfect low hedging plant for small gardens. Nov 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Maryann Eidan. Buxus colchica of western Caucasus and B. hyrcana of northern Iran and eastern Caucasus … Back to: Hedges. japonica 'Green Beauty' (Japanese Boxwood) is a dense and compact evergreen shrub with a lush foliage of small, glossy, lance-shaped, dark green leaves. This is a compact variety with shiny light green foliage that tends to lighten in the full sun. Buxus microphylla var. Foliage colour: Green. This hardy variety excels in warm climates in a full sun to partly shaded position with moist, well drained soil. The hardiest of the Buxus, Faulkner suits small to medium formal hedging. Species. Buxus sempervirens, the common box, European box, or boxwood, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Buxus, native to western and southern Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia, from southern England south to northern Morocco, and east through the northern Mediterranean region to Turkey. japonica) make it a perfect choice for topiary work, low hedges and accent plants in formal gardens.Extremely adaptable to all climates and soil types, it is regarded as a quicker growing variety of the buxus family. Growing - Available Soon. As a hedge these plants are suitable for heights in the range of 30-150cm attaining the desired hedge height with a slow growth rate of around 10-15cm per year. Buxus microphylla. Botanical name. Requires little water once established. Notify Me.

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