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car maintenance tips

Your car has all these indicators to tell you when it’s time to change the oil, check the pressure of the oil and your … So before putting the key into the ignition, make sure you have thoroughly read the manual. This helps us improve safety while driving, although accidents can still occur through no fault of our own. The rule of thumb is to have it rotated every 5,000 miles although you can always … It can mean other things so your best bet is to check with your manual. Wheel balancing and alignment are important aspects of basic car maintenance since these can play a role in your car’s fuel economy, not to mention safety while on the road. You will also need clean cold water because brake dust typically clings to your wheels via static electricity. Consumer Reports recommends driving your vehicle at least once a … How to Maintain a Car. That is why, as part of basic car maintenance, you need to learn the meaning of the different warning light indicators that flash on your instrument panel. Use the Right Products. Car Maintenance Tips Regular vehicle maintenance can extend the life of your car and help you avoid costly or catastrophic repairs. Dark colored oil usually indicates the presence of contaminants, excessive heat, the addition of chemical additives or worst, sludge. Regardless of your car brand or model, it could quickly turn into a burden without proper maintenance. This mode enables your car’s ECU to decide when to switch on CNG. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don’t ever attempt to drive your vehicle with this warning light on as it can severely if not totally damage your engine. Add a fuel stabilizer and drive the car around a bit to distribute the additive to engine parts. However, while basic car maintenance guidelines dictate that you should adhere to the car manufacturer’s recommendation, we’d say you’d better gain access to your air filter and carefully assess its condition and integrity. If there’s no coolant in the reservoir or it is running low, then heat from the engine won’t get dissipated into the environment. Your engine can also misfire in some cases. Car is most extensive one and to maintain your long lasting you have to follow some maintenance tips and that includes: you have to check every part of the car. Some have even decided to forego with the whole house ownership idea and instead opt for a mobile home, giving them the freedom to ‘live’ wherever their vehicles take them. Top Car Maintenance Tips - It is very important to provide regular service to the car so that its performance, mileage can be maintained as before.. This can lead to engine overheating. Here are 7 car maintenance tips that will help you keep your vehicle up … Car Driving Tips During the Hot Weather: Here are some tips that will be beneficial for you if you are driving long distance in hot weather or even just commuting to work while driving in extreme heat.. 1) Battery: Car batteries are positioned underneath the hood and last for years. Ignoring a tire light can result in a costly blowout. There’s also the need to embrace auto-tech and make your smart phone an ally and/or closest automotive technician in times of minor bugs in the well-function of your vehicle. And if you can remember we did mention in the beginning that reading your vehicle owner’s manual can help you a great deal in your basic car maintenance chores. It may sound pretty obvious, but it is one thing many people fail to do. Sometimes, the cost of major repair will be more than 50% of the cost it would take you to purchase a new vehicle of the same model and make. However, in wet racetrack conditions, these super slick tires are replaced with more appropriate rubber to help channel the water on the racetrack away from the contact patch. You have to increase the safety part of the car, improves the reliability and performance,inspect your vehicle on a regular basis, check the wheels and tires means tire pressure, check the tread depth. Making sure that your engine oil is not burnt, that everything is running smoothly, and that there are no leaks whatsoever from the various pipes that run across your vehicle can also contribute to a cleaner environment. Here’s a comprehensive list of car maintenance tips and checklists for every car owner. The UK is recorded to have a total of about 38 million registered vehicles, with about 81% of its adult population living in a household with a car. This way they will also know what to do. A big part of making sure your car is in good shape is getting it maintained. For many, it has become an important extension of their house. Related Post: Best Car Battery and Best Car Battery Chargers. In case you’re wondering why racers can put slick tires into their cars yet you cannot in your own car, the answer is quite simple. Here are some of them. Even with meticulous inspections and maintenance, it is inadvertent that you’ll be able to cover all of them. Alternatively, you can search the internet and download the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Additionally, the manual will also tell you exactly how to access and replace these lights. Every moving object generates heat, and the oil helps minimize the heat generated during friction to help prevent the engine from overheating. There are two things when it comes to car maintenance tips: one is the maintenance that is done after something breaks or needs to be replaced, and the other done before something breaks; so-called preventive maintenance. Make sure your vehicle is ready with the following car care tips. So if your tires don’t come with these tread wear indicators, you might as well get a new set. The idea is an efficiently running engine will burn fuel at a much steadier, more constant rate. The dipstick typically has indicators near the tip. Regular vehicle maintenance improves fuel efficiency and produces less vehicle emissions. Do yourself a favor and save some room in your trunk for the following items. Here are 10 engine maintenance tips that’ll help your engine run forever: #1. It gives them an idea on the keep the vehicle it top shape. These fixtures in your vehicle are very important and as such should never be overlooked in your car maintenance checklist. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let these numbers, however, guide you so that if you’re already nearing the recommended mileage, then maybe it’s about time to have your drive belts be thoroughly inspected and evaluated. When you turn your headlights on, this part of the bulb will heat up a lot faster than the rest of the bulb, causing it to crack. This is where the cooling system comes into play. Checking your tyre pressure must be carried out weekly. Related Post: 5 Best Apps To Save Money on Gas. One way to avoid a turkey of a Thanksgiving road trip is to make sure the vehicle you will be driving is running well. Most of us are guilty of not paying too much attention to the owner’s manual that comes with our vehicles. It is thus crucial to have your tires rotated, balanced, and aligned according to the mileage that was indicated in your owner’s manual. That means you might be driving your car more this fall than you did during the summer. But it is also very important to maintain old cars from time to time. This is the function of drive belts. Basic car maintenance, while it doesn’t prevent accidents directly, can help improve our safety and that of others whenever we take to the road. Otherwise, there clearly is no point wasting a few dollars per gallon on something that your car’s engine doesn’t really need. © 2020 Juliet McGuire, all rights reserved. Where drivers can enhance their knowledge about car maintenance and repairs shared by Naijauto.com experienced auto experts 8 essential car maintenance tips you shouldn’t ignore. Your tyre depth is very critical for its performance. A 10-minute pre-trip check is a quick and easy way to help avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown many miles away from home, says the non-profit Car Care Council. Hence, to help you out, we are going to discuss some of the tips for car maintenance. This is the most simple among all the CNG car maintenance tips that you can follow frequently. That is why it is important to be very mindful of your odometer and your trip readings. For others, it’s the best way to enjoy the many beautiful sights and experiences the world has to offer. There is this notion that higher octane fuel means more power. Buckling up is so simple yet plays such a crucial role in preventing you from getting thrown out of your car during an accident. Inspect your vehicle regularly. Initially, the recommendation from car owners had been to change it once it hits the 5000 km. We curate, you discover! Also, it is critical to look at the color of the oil. Buy a replacement wiper blade that is recommended for your vehicle. There is always a little confusion that goes with when a car user should change his or her car’s engine oil. Just grab any notebook and keep a record of oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes, brake jobs, and any other maintenance done to your vehicle. The key here is to use only those detailing products that are proven to be of superior quality. The brake pads and disc cause the friction between your tyres and the road cause the resistance required to perform its function. Checking it is quite easy since most cars today come with coolant reservoirs that are somehow translucent and with appropriate level markings on the panel. Pull over, open your hood, and just allow it to cool down. You have to increase the safety part of the car, improves the reliability and performance,inspect your vehicle on a regular basis, check the wheels and tires means tire pressure, check the tread depth. That’s the function of your radiator and the fluid supplied to it is your engine coolant. Either they forgot the reason for the high-octane fuel is to prevent detonation in higher compression engines or they simply chose to ignore it. Now if your manual specifically says that you need to stick high octane premium gasoline into your tank, then do so. The importance of car maintenance goes beyond a regular checkup. Car waxes and polishes have significantly improved over the years. 292 likes. With the correct tools, you can access these with the turn of a few bolts. The current recommendation is to replace your cabin air filter every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. While each brand comes with its own set of indicators, they are easily identifiable with the aid of your car’s manual. And your window to the outside world is your windshield. As such, it is important to clean the dust off your wheels with a damp sponge. The actual cost actually depends on the type of vehicle, your driving habits, and the various types of products that you use in your maintenance. When you’re done working on any electrical system in your car, you will then need to reconnect the positive terminal first before the negative. In many cases we’re left with no choice but to call for roadside assistance, someone to jump start our car, an emergency car battery delivery, or even a towing service. Check the Fluids . Some of the maintenance tips for the car owners so that they can enjoy a stress-free drive all the time To buy a car is considered to be a dream of many of the individuals and when that particular dream gets fulfilled it also comes with several kinds of responsibilities for the car owners. Replacing these should not really be difficult. DIY car repair tips for beginners and maintenance with Scotty Kilmer. It may not be as ecologically friendly as those that run on hybrid or electric engines, but remember this, a well-maintained car will produce consistently lower levels of harmful fumes and fluids that can potentially pollute the air and bodies of water. The thing is that if the indicator light to the direction where you’re turning is flashing a lot faster than when you switch on to the other direction, it simply means you have a blown light bulb. Like we said, we don’t have the luxury of an F1 pit crew to replace our tires in a flash when the weather suddenly changes. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over a couple of important car maintenance tips that can help you save money. To provide the necessary power needed for such high compression, a higher octane fuel is needed to help prevent the ‘knocking’ or detonation. For instance, if you use your car on daily stop-and-go traffic situations or take it on long drives every weekend, there is a great chance that dirt and debris will accumulate in the air filter a lot faster than if you were driving in open roads or driving it over long distances very rarely. Remove the oil dipstick and wipe it first with a clean rag. Unfortunately, people have quickly picked up on the idea that higher octane fuel means more power. Now, you should see exactly where the level of the oil is. Performing regular maintenance checks can help you avoid costly repairs from major problems. Change engine oil The reason is quite simple: you don’t want to transfer any of those oils, grime, dust, and dirt on your fingertips onto the bulb since this manufactured with specialized coating on the bulb’s exterior surface. 8 Expert Car Maintenance Tips for When You’re Deployed. The reason behind this is CNG contains gasoline which evaporates more quickly than petrol or diesel. -Checking the battery of the car: It is very much important to check the battery of the car after regular intervals of time to ensure proper maintenance. If it burns more fuel, then you are going to feel it in your wallet. Now, remember that these wipers are not exactly very durable so they tend to wear out a little faster than other components of your car. Other Sides of Driving to Your Own Health February 17, 2020. For many, it’s an important part of business, providing mobility when public transportation simply isn’t the best choice. 8 Expert Car Maintenance Tips for When You’re Deployed. While you take a walk, inspect your car and look for body damage. As we shall learn later on, making a comprehensive car maintenance checklist and adhering to it can help make your vehicle run a lot more efficiently. Maintenance Tip: Don’t forget to take your car in for inspection once a year. It may sound expensive but not as expensive as a vehicular accident. It needs to run smooth in order to keep your car moving. Even professional racers and car enthusiasts read them because of its importance. If your car is low on oil, you risk damaging its engine. Checking your engine’s oil level should thus be made an integral part of basic car maintenance. Blue and white are reserved for high beam and recommendation, respectively. In many places, schools and businesses are starting to reopen in spite of the pandemic. Do so when the engine has already cooled down. Check your air filter. Always read your car manual first. Change engine oil at regular intervals. Fortunately, current tyre manufacturers integrate tread wear bars into their compounds to reduce the difficulty in determining whether your tyre treads are deep enough to sustain exceptional ground contact even in wet conditions. More importantly however, you’re not there standing guard beside your car every time to help prevent bird droppings and fruits from ever ruining your car’s precious paint. When you get a new car, the company gives a maintenance schedule and it is necessary to follow it. Keeping your car’s belts and hoses in good shape can help keep your car running … Brakes: If your car's parked up for a … However, a faulty indicator will not perform this function, and the results can be lethal. The Top 10 Best Car Maintenance Tips. Orbis TWI triangles or letters, printed on the side of the tire. Always make sure that your car is parked on level ground. As we have promised in the beginning of this article, we’re going to be presenting to you a very comprehensive guide on how to properly maintain your car. If it requires some advanced tools or even extra pair of hands, then maybe bringing it to a professional will help. By then, you’d be faced with very expensive repairs that include replacement parts and labor. Regardless of your car brand or model, it could quickly turn into a burden without proper maintenance. A word on bird droppings: the moment you notice any on your car, make sure to wash it off as soon as possible. You can check your manual for the exact meaning of this indicator light. If the vehicle you bought doesn’t come with a manual, as is often the case in second-hand vehicles, you can still obtain a copy of the manual from the vehicle manufacturer itself. Deployments up to a year long or more, months at sea, weeks in the field or on exercises, and TDY’s far from home base are all parts of everyday life in the military. You see, if you disconnect the positive terminal first, current is still pretty much moving along the negative terminal. One thing you need to understand is that brake dust is merely the accumulation of a variety of materials that come from the brake rotor and the brake pad itself as they come in contact when you apply the brakes. A little bit of knowledge about the industry and being willing to get your hands dirty can go a long way toward saving you money on maintenance though. A big part of maintaining your car and keeping it in tip-top shape is cleaning it and caring for it. For even more car maintenance and service tips, check out the links on the next page. This helps remove oil that may obscure the level indicators on the dipstick, making it quite difficult to read accurately. Keep your brake system components like rims, brake pads, and discs clean for better performance and replace them when necessary. The Best Engine Degreaser (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, The Best Auto Glass Cleaner (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, The Best Wheel Cleaners For Your Car (Review & Buying Guide) 2020, The Best Oil Additives For Your Car (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, The Best Octane Boosters For Your Engine (Review) in 2020, The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners For Your Car, Help us to show you Performing your vehicle’s maintenance checklist is very simple. Written by: Kerry Garner. Plus they can get the best performance even from a so-called non-performance car. The point is, while the owner’s manual can give you an idea of when you need to replace the air filter, a better approach is to visually inspect the filter. NO START NO CRANK FIX BMW 325i 328i 335i 316i 318i 320i 335d 320d 318d 325xi 328xi Original Replacement … But every time this action is completed, your brake discs begin to wear, making it imperative to keep your eyes on it. Even if your tool drops on either battery terminals and touches anything else on the car, there simply is no return path for the current to complete the circuit. If a light comes on in your car, either get an OBD2 code reader and investigate it yourself, or take it … However, when your car is running at a much faster rate, it will require more than oil to dispose of the excess heat. So, remember, if you disconnect the batteries, remove the negative first before the positive. We’re pretty sure some of us, if not all, have already experienced having a flat tire or an overheating engine while on the road that we really have to pull over and make quick fixes, if ever it can be fixed at all. It is a lot cheaper and won’t make a dent on your average car maintenance cost. It may come in various prints like “service”, “maint reqd”, or “service engine”. Over time, they lose their integrity and simply degrade. You don’t have to know a lot about the inner workings of a modern vehicle to save money on car maintenance. Doing this yourself will expose you to a few things you may not have known and significantly increase your knowledge of your car. Like we already said, there are a lot of reasons why you need to employ even basic car maintenance. Doing the right kinds of maintenance on your car will not only help it to hold its value, it will also help to keep it safe and reliable. Keeping your car clean may help prevent long-term damage. The question now is where to look for the engine coolant reservoir in your car. All moving things generate heat. To give you an idea, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it usually costs about $8,000 to own and operate an average vehicle. I can’t emphasize more on how important it is to keep the engine fit and functioning efficiently. The latter is the better of the two. If your car’s engine has a rather rough idle or misfires from time to time, maybe you need to consider replacing your spark plugs. By performing regular maintenance checks, we can help ensure the optimum functioning of these parts so that when we do need them, we’ll feel more confident that these parts will pull us through out of any given situation. A word of caution though, it is important to use only the kind of bulb that is specific to your vehicle’s make. Ideally, this should be done on a weekly basis, although making it part of your daily routine won’t hurt. No one wants to drive in a dilapidated, boring, rusting, and dull-looking car; well, at least, none that we know of. Therefore, it is beneficial to take adequate precautionary measures just before the start of every season in case you live in a locality that is exposed to borderline extreme conditions or if there is a drastic change in weather conditions. That is why it is imperative to keep your car in tip-top shape so you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits that you derive from it. How much do you know about the inner workings of your car or truck? Even without you opening the lid of the reservoir, you should be able to visually inspect whether it is running low or not. During winter, cold temperatures can cause tyre pressures to drop by as much as five pounds-per-square-inch (PSI), leading to significant problems if not corrected. Maintenance Tips category provides knowledge about how to take care of a car, how to save fuel and how to detect car issue by yourself. When you get a new car, the company gives a maintenance schedule and it is necessary to follow it. There are different types of oils, too, that can range from regular to semi-synthetic to fully synthetic. The rule of thumb is to have it rotated every 5,000 miles although you can always double check with the manual for better accuracy. Thankfully, there are indeed some ways to save. Modern cars use a single belt (also known as serpentine belt) to connect and rotate from the crank pulley. When the wear rate reaches this point, it’s time to change the tire. Always fill the battery with distilled water before charging. Whatever the reason, the vehicle is here to stay and will continue to be a very important part of man’s evolutionary development. Coolant warning light – You know what this means. As we reach the end of November, it’s time to get your vehicle … Maintenance Tips category provides knowledge about how to take care of a car, how to save fuel and how to detect car issue by yourself. Brakes: If your car's parked up for a long time, the brakes can seize. If you notice any, get a cleaning brush intended specifically for battery terminals and rub off the buildup. The answer is simple – read your manual. There are also recommendations on what models or types of parts and accessories you can put into your car. Indicator or signal lights inform other motorists of the direction you are planning to go to. Keep your car in prime condition with our collection of expert tips on vehicle maintenance and auto repair at Cars.com.

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