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lafayette dance halls

The hall is in close proximity to the culturally significant neighborhoods of City Hall, Chinatown, Little Italy and trendy SoHo, the fashion capitol of Manhattan. A long ride south down Henderson Levee Road leads to a wooden sign emblazoned with a red, white, and blue accordion. The hall is a family tradition started by Lawrence’s parents in 1955. Lafayette's premier all-inclusive event venue with 20 years of experience specializing in events. The men mill about, searching the sea of faces, knowing each one. Learn some new moves and listen to live music Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. for Grooves on the Green at the Warehouse! The things that have persisted are universal: music, dancing, and fellowship. Sid is an accomplished accordion player in his own right, as well as a well-known local businessman (he also owns Sid’s One Stop, a convenience store just down the street). Flashing... On January 10, 2013, a tornado peeled back the roof of the La Poussière dancehall. Although the majority of local dancehalls of recent memory feature Cajun and zydeco music, historically establishments that represented many more genres of music were popular all over the state. Original owners Mike Hanisee and Loren Farmer booked a sure thing for the grand opening: Clifton Chenier and His Red Hot Louisiana Band as the headliner and the Red Beans and Rice Revue as the supporting act. Over the course of the day, over eight hundred people came to honor La Poussière and witness it made whole again. Eugene eagerly agreed. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night Cowboys is playing live music from 10pm- 1am. Despite the basic steps, every couple makes it their own, adding personal flourishes and gestures until the basic underlying structure is not the primary focus anymore. A freshly roasted suckling pig was delivered to a nearby table, directly under a “Coors Light“ pool table light advertising beer, as I perused the jukebox contents. The modern dancehall has few persisting characteristics from the old style. Dance the night away and enjoy Zydeco and Swamp Pop music on weekend nights at The Atchafalaya Club! Some of the lights have burned out or broken over the years, but it still calls to you across the darkened landscape of the Louisiana prairie. Mount Community Center and Banquet Facility is a 45,000-sq. There is a Joie de vivre (zest for life) here that doesn't quite exist anywhere else. hpbernardjr@yahoo.com. Recorded on April 27, 1928 in New Orleans, "Lafayette" caused a sensation when it was released by Columbia Records in the summer of 1928. Originally a boat launch that added a shaded back porch for fishing contest weigh-ins, the back porch dancehall area was framed in and the space began hosting an occasional dance. Go to the saloon side or the club side to have your pick! Later, this area would be replaced by a barroom that served as a shared area for both sexes. The Blue Moon began as a venue for locals and many notable local bands have played there at one time or another. Dance Halls in Lafayette, LA. is legendary, having featured a who’s who of zydeco including Boozoo Chavis, Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque, Nathan Williams, Rockin’ Dopsie, Keith Frank, Horace Trahan, Terrance Simien, and many more. The current face of Fred’s is Sue Vasseur–known to most as “Tante Sue from Mamou.” Vasseur, Fred Tate’s ex-wife, is now in her mid-80s and can be found behind the bar most Saturday mornings–wearing a Fred’s Lounge T-shirt emblazoned with an accordion on the front that she sometimes pretends to play, pinching the sides and squeezing it back and forth in time with the music. (337) 228-2277 The messages are half announcements about upcoming shows or the band of the evening and half a pitch for drink specials, but it is understood that Sid not only runs the show, but is a part of it. Grant Street also hosted legendary touring bands including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, J.J. Cale, Marcia Ball, B.B. With a full-service bar, excellent music and small stage butted up against a cozy dance floor, a night at this beloved venue is an intimate experience with friends, even if you are just meeting them for the first time. No matter the dance floor, be it your typical wooden floor, a concrete slab and even a patch of green grass in front of the stage, us Cajuns will find a way to dance on it. Opened in 2002 by friends Catherine Schoeffler and Mark Falgout, the Blue Moon was modeled after hostels they experienced abroad, and the concept quickly caught on. A beacon of red and yellow neon appears reflecting in the smooth waters of a seasonally flooded crawfish pond that rests between the road and the club. 535 Garfield St, Lafayette, LA 70501 Dance Hall; Parish Location. Highlights of that extensive list include Bonsoir Catin, Feufollet, Roddie Romero & the Hub City Allstars, Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, the Pine Leaf Boys and Cedric Watson and Bijou Créole–all Grammy nominees. Chick’s brother, Rayburn Vidrine, worked at the club for 25 years and saw lots of acts, but his favorite performer to see at the club was Antoine “Fats” Domino. In a moment of sheer delight at the entire scene, I was overwhelmed by the belief that The Playhouse might be here for another fifty years, and that I hoped it didn’t need to change one single bit to make it work. Lahr Atrium Currently only accepting bookings on dates before May 31st, 2020! One of Lafayette’s premiere cultural attractions, Vermilionville also boasts a dancehall. Even so, it is so legendary that it has inspired several songs, including “Le Holiday” by the Cajun supergroup Charivari on the 2005 album A Trip to the Holiday Lounge as well as Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys’ Party at the Holiday, All Night Long! The majority of classic-era dancehalls share several common characteristics. Some of the constant threats include relevancy, development pressures, deterioration, and financial viability. The side has a large mural proclaiming “Mamou–Cajun Music Capital of the World.” The band inside has already begun, and you struggle to make out a barely discernable tune, muffled as it makes its way through the building’s brick and cinder block walls. A morning at Fred’s is very crowded, so making small talk with your new neighbors while waiting to get the attention of a bartender is encouraged. Daddy stood out front in the dark and watched it light up. Acadiana Gymnastics Training Center. A small dance floor fills one corner of the room. Examining the multitude of styles on display at any one time can be hypnotic. The history of the organized dancing locations in South Louisiana begins with the bal de maison, or house dance, which date back to the 1700s, before the arrival of the Acadians. As the crowd rolled in, Lil’ Buck’s band continued to play as a few university students paused to listen from outside the open front door of the club, then turned to head downtown where cruising and drink specials rule the night. Around the edge of the room women, both young and old, sit and wait to be asked to dance. Facing thousands of dollars in repair bills, the owners, Lawrence, Judith, and Nicole Patin were distraught. The party was picking up speed. (337) 534-0179 Discover the generations of families responsible for the soundtrack of Cajun & Zydeco music. Beyond them are a dozen or so bobbing heads of couples dancing, and through the darkness, you can make out the band, roped off in the center of the room to protect them from being bumped by the dancers. In 1900, the large wooden-framed house that currently occupies this spot was relocated from downtown and, through the years, has served variously as a private residence and flower shop. The night begins at 5 p.m. and music starts at 6:30 p.m.! Found 1717 Results Page 1 of 172. There is some seating with tables around the edge of the dance floor but people come here to dance. After the addition of large fans, the dances became more popular until the growth of the dance crowds demanded that air conditioning be added. The area to the right originally housed a coat check and slot machines, but now holds a derelict pool table covered with cigar boxes full of cancelled checks. The sound of a high-energy hyped-up introduction filled the room while the very tight band pumped up the entrance of “Mr. Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band and Terrance Simien were also Blue Moon performers who won Grammys. A bar in the rear serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and sometimes food is offered for sale.

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