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sedum identification guide

Most are shrubs or perennial herbaceous plants, but a few are annual or biennial. Examples of Portulacaria succulents:Portulacaria afra[Grootscholten @Fotki]Portulacaria afra macrophylla[Grootscholten @Fotki]Portulacaria afra variegata[Leaf & Clay]Portulacaria armiana[Grootscholten @Fotki]. Kalanchoe is a genus of about 125 species of tropical, succulent flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, mainly native to Madagascar and tropical Africa. It is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Succulent Identification. Albuca is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. Naturally growing in the Upper Karoo in South Africa, it is an attractive but quite unusual plant because of its formation. A significant percentage is succulent, but they are mostly originating from Africa and Madagascar. Xerosicyos is a flowering plant genus of the family Cucurbitaceae. Sedum Photos . While this is not out of line as many succulent species are found in just such an environment, it is not always the case. Examples of Peperomia succulents:Peperomia CaperataPeperomia dolabriformisPeperomia ferreyrae[twacar @Flickr]Peperomia Graveolens[MLD]. The plants vary from annual and creeping herbs to shrubs. Look For: … They range from annual weeds to trees. They blossom in early spring and the flowers open midday and close at dusk. The most superficially recognisable feature of the genus is the strange shape of the leaves, which are grey-green and waxy. Sansevieria, commonly known as Snake Plant or Mother-in-law tongue, is a historically recognized genus of flowering plants in the Dracaenaceae family. It is commonly known as stonecrops. Noteworthy CharacteristicsFoliage colors ranging from smoky blue to rich burgundy throughout the season.Seed heads provide autumn interest. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek words ληνός (lenos), meaning “trough”, and φύλλον (phyllon), meaning “leaf.” [Source: Wikipedia], Examples of Lenophyllum succulents:Lenophyllum acutifolium[bionayelli26]Lenophyllum guttatum[zeynep d @Flickr]Lenophyllum obtusum[lexgarcia]Lenophyllum reflexum[Nessy a @Flickr]. Its natural habitat is rocky areas. Examples of Xerosicyos succulents:Xerosicyos danguyi[k8tron @Flickr]Xerosicyos decaryi[Carmen @Flickr]Xerosicyos perrieri[Flora.mania @Flickr], Sources: *Clicking on the button will redirect you to a list of our recommended online succulent stores. It is native to South Africa, mainly to subtropical thicket vegetation in the Eastern Cape. Larryleachia is a genus of stapeliad succulent flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae. Examples of Titanopsis succulents:Titanopsis aloinopsis setifera[Planet Desert]Titanopsis calcarea[Planet Desert]Titanopsis fulleri[Planet Desert]Titanopsis hugo schlechteri[Leaf & Clay]. There are over 2000 species of Euphorbias in the world. Bijlia is a genus of flowering succulent plants in the iceplant family Aizoaceae from South Africa. Graptopetalum (leatherpetal) is a plant genus of the family Crassulaceae. As you can imagine, the plants are only happy in a teaspoon of soil for a short time. The plant is named for the sac-like shape of its flowers, which are supposed to resemble a stomach. It grows up to four feet high and six feet wide. These succulents commonly have a reddish stem and leaves that are green, but also a variegated cultivar is often seen in cultivation. It flourishes in any well-drained, sunny patch and is extremely easy to grow. Mature plants of many of the species form a small caudex or a tuberous root-stock. They are perennial succulent plants and native to Mexico and Arizona. Depending on variety, Rosularia foliage often has red, purple or yellow margins that may be covered in tiny hairs, called cilia. Examples of Juttadinteria succulents:Juttadinteria albata[Grootscholten @Fotki]Juttadinteria deserticola[Rare Cactus]Juttadinteria kovisimontana[Succulent Guide]Juttadinteria simpsonii[]. Video Guide – Succulents. They all have latex and a unique flower structure. 19 Interesting Types of Aloe Plants with Pictures, Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata ‘Sunrise' [Leaf & Clay], Cheiridopsis candidissima ‘Lobster Claws' [Leaf & Clay], 160+ Unique Echeveria Types with Pictures, Euphorbia succulents have been mistaken for cactus, x Gasteraloe beguinii lizard tail [Planet Desert], x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold' [Planet Desert], x Gasteraloe ‘Royal Highness' [Planet Desert], Gasteria bicolor lilliputana [Leaf & Clay], Gasteria glomerata ‘Ox Tongue' [Leaf & Clay], Huernia succulents have been mistaken for cactus, stems are usually prominently sharp-toothed, 130+ Attractive Sedum Varieties With Pictures, Hens and Chicks Plant Care Indoors – Complete Guide to Growing Sempervivum Indoors,, 12 Examples of Crassula Lower Classifications, Spiritual Meaning of Succulent Plants According to Feng Shui, How Using Lava Rock for Soil Additive Can Seriously Improve Plant Drainage, Cat’s Tongue Plant: Aptenia Cordifolia Variegata Care, Blue Chalk Sticks Propagation & Care Guide. Sedums such as John Creech, with its green foliage and pink flowers in spring, are better suited for use as a ground cover because of spreading tendencies. × Pachyveria is a hybrid cross between Pachyphytum and Echeveria . The genus Agave is primarily known for its succulent and xerophytic species that typically form large rosettes of strong, fleshy leaves. Her fiction has been published in "Glimmer Train Stories." Most will tolerate shade and some frost, although hybrids tend to be less tolerant. Thanks so much for posting! It is native to southern Africa. Examples of Gasteria succulents:Gasteria armstrongii[Planet Desert]Gasteria bicolor lilliputana [Leaf & Clay]Gasteria glomerata ‘Ox Tongue' [Leaf & Clay]Gasteria Little Warty[Leaf & Clay], Related Posts:9 Rare Types of Gasteria Succulents. Nice pictures, very helpful and informative explanations for caring for my new hobby of growing succulents! Aussie Ramber™ | Huge Pink Flowers. They are popular garden and container plants. It is a biennial herb growing in China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia. These pants prefer hot, dry, almost desert-like conditions. Plants of the genus are known commonly as slime lilies. * Will you be planting some in your garden? Aptenia is a small genus of flowering plants in the family Aizoaceae. Click the button below to view all the different types of Echeveria. Orostachys is a genus of the succulent family Crassulaceae (stonecrop family) that contains about 15 species. Creeping sedum, also known as stonecrop, makes a good groundcover in rock gardens and through cracks in walls. The flowers are five-lobed, usually somewhat more funnel- or bell-shaped than in the closely related genus Stapelia, and often striped vividly in contrasting colors or tones, some glossy, others matte and wrinkled depending on the species concerned. This type of sedum can be divided in spring. She has a degree in English from the University of Vermont. They are native to eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Adromischus is a genus of easily propagated leaf succulents from the Crassulaceae family. Some, like Sedum cauticola, have bluish foliage and bloom pink in the fall. Coppertone Stonecrop was naturalized in Italy but can be found in Mexico, New Zealand, and the Canary Islands. Argyroderma is a genus of flowering succulent plants in the iceplant family Aizoaceae from South Africa. Examples of Euphorbia succulents:Euphorbia anoplia tanzania[Planet Desert]Euphorbia mammillaris variegata[Leaf & Clay]Euphorbia monstrose[Leaf & Clay]Euphorbia obesa[Planet Desert]. Sedum are among the very easiest succulents to grow, propagate and enjoy. The name for the genus comes from the Greek words “graptos”, meaning “marked” or “inscribed” and “petalon”, meaning “petals” for the markings on the flower petals of many of the species. The roughly seven species it contains are distributed in Texas in the United States and northeastern Mexico. This allows accumulated water to drain from the nestlike center of the plant, thus preventing microbial decay. They are linked with the genera Sempervivum, Greenovia, Aichryson and Aeonium, which is obvious from their similar flowers. Echidnopsis is a genus of succulent, cactus-like plants in the family Apocynaceae. Because of their appeareance, many Huernia succulents have been mistaken for cactus. Many are continually being crossbred by nurseries worldwide, with new cultivars appearing on the market nearly every week! Examples of Odontophorus succulents:Odontophorus angustifolius[Grootscholten @Fotki]Odontophorus marlothii[Grootscholten @Fotki]Odontophorus nanus[Planet Desert]Odontophorus pusillus[llife]. Home; Succulent Types; Care Guides & FAQ; Deals; Sedum. The name “Sinocrassula” means “Chinese crassula”. The leaves of the plant are stiff, fragile, and variable in foliage color and patterns. Gibbaeum is a genus of about 21 species of small succulent plants of the family Aizoaceae, indigenous to the Little Karoo region of South Africa. Tromotriche is a genus of plant in family Apocynaceae. Many of these varieties can’t be seen anywhere else on the internet. Examples of Pleiospilos succulents:Pleiospilos bolusii[cactusjohn @Flickr]Pleiospilos compactus[Luis [email protected]]Pleiospilos nelii[Succulents Box]Pleiospilos nelii ‘Royal Flush'[Leaf & Clay]. Examples of xPachyveria succulents:Pachyveria ‘Blue Mist'[Mat L @Flickr]Pachyveria ‘Dr. Tavaresia is a genus of plants in the family Apocynaceae, first described as a genus in 1902. Commonly called “Baby Toes”, Fenestaria has small club-shaped leaves with fenestrate ends and form large clumps by offsetting. Both species of Ihlenfeldtia occur in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Trachyandra is a genus of plant in the family Asphodelaceae, subfamily Asphodeloideae, first described as a genus in 1843. Pachyphytum is a small genus of succulents in the Crassulaceae family, native from Mexico, lands at 600 to 1,500 metres (2,000 to 4,900 ft) high. The about ten species are mostly endemic to the Canary Islands and Savage Islands, with some found on Madeira. Too much water will cause the leaves and stems to rot. She is a writer for the guidebook "Cape Cod Pride Pages." There are around 19 species in this genus. SEA URCHIN™ – Grows 30cm high x 30cm wide. Small rounded silvery-white leaves densely packed on cascading stems. The plant is also salt-tolerant. Tall sedums have a tendency to flop, especially if they're not in enough sun. Examples of Aloinopsis succulents:Aloinopsis luckhoffii[Leaf & Clay]Aloinopsis malherbei[Planet Desert]Aloinopsis rosulatum[Planet Desert]Aloinopsis schooneesii[Leaf & Clay]. The genus is named after William Russell Dudley, the first head of the botany department at Stanford University. They are characterised by … Like other members of the Stapeliads, these succulents look like cactus and is often mistaken as such. The live-forever tall types such as Autumn Joy have been reclassified into hylotelephium; most in this genus are not native to North America. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Marginally more distantly related is a sister branch of related genera including Lavrania and Hoodia. The largest, Kalanchoe beharensis from Madagascar, can reach 6 m (20 ft) tall, but most species are less than 1 m (3 ft) tall. Haworthia taxonomy, as indicated by the sheer number of sub-specific varieties, is a complicated and far from settled matter. Umbilicus is a genus of over ninety species of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae. Sedum nussbaumerianum. Orbea is a genus of flowering plants of the family Apocynaceae, first described as a genus in 1812. Because of the sheer numbers of species, the sedum family has been divided. All species in this genus are highly succulent, highly reduced, and exhibit tessellation on their stems' surface. In general, a plant that has evolved to live in warm, dry climates by storing water in its leaves and stems may be considered a succulent. Their small flowers appear on the spherical body's surface. Menu . Abundant, almond-scented, daisy-like white or pink flowers appear throughout the summer. Its Greek name refers to the quivering hairs that surround the lobes of its flowers (“tromo”, meaning “trembling” and “trichos”, meaning “hair”). Rhombophyllum is a genus of succulent plants which contains approximately 3 to 6 species and belongs to the family of the Aizoaceae. Sedum Morganianum ‘Burrito’ Succulent Identification Guide . If your plant doesn't look like either, or looks like a combination of two different plants based on the characteristics, this is most likely what you have. Phylogenetic studies have shown the genus to be monophyletic, and most closely related to the stapeliad genera Richtersveldtia and Notechidnopsis. … Examples of Larryleachia succulents:Larryleachia cactiformis[Grootscholten @Fotki]Larryleachia dinteri[Grootscholten @Fotki]Larryleachia felina[Grootscholten @Fotki]Larryleachia marlothii[Grootscholten @Fotki], Lenophyllum is a genus of flowering plants in the orpine family, Crassulaceae. Agave is a genus of monocots native to the hot and arid regions of the Americas, although some Agave species are also native to tropical areas of South America. The collective scent can be detected many metres apart. x Gasteraloe hybrids are typically stemless or almost stemless. image by Anna Chelnokova from, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Spectacular Sedums: Fall-Flowering Plants for Texture and Color, USDA Plants Database: Plants Profile: Sedum, USDA Plants Database: Plants Profile: Hylotelephium H. Ohba. Each cell is about one inch square and one inch deep. Sedum. Sedum spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’ September 15, 2020 . They are succulent perennials forming mats composed of tufted leaves in rosettes. Examples of Huernia succulents:Huernia bayeri[Planet Desert]Huernia Nova Mccoy[Planet Desert]Huernia procumbens[Planet Desert]Huernia Saudi Arabica[Planet Desert].

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