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write a comparison sentence

10 = 2 x 5 . By his almost exhaustive comparison of febrile movements as symptomatic processes Wunderlich dealt the last blow to the expiring doctrine of the "entity" of "fever"; while on the clinical side Bretonneau and Louis, in 1862-1872, by their careful clinical and pathological studies of forms of fever, relieved the new doctrine of the extravagances of Broussais, and prepared the way for the important distinction of enteric from typhus fever by A. Livy's history, then, rests on no foundation of original research or even of careful verification. 17-48) this is suggested by a comparison with Luke itself, and there are ono or two others where from the character of the matter it seems not improbable, especially vi. Moreover, both in drawing and in colouring there is frequently much that is untrue to nature, so that it has not uncommonly happened for them to fail in the chief object of all zoological plates, that of affording sure means of recognizing specimens on comparison. The capture of Constantinople he rightly regarded as an historical event of far-reaching importance, although the comparison of it to the fall of Troy is hardly appropriate. (unfair) " Comparing apples to elephants is not a useful comparison. or loo p, per second - appears to be darting across the field with great velocity, because its own small size - say 5 X i µ - comes into comparison, it should be borne in mind that if a mouse 2 in. The standard of comparison generally adopted for this purpose is obtained by calculating the efficiency of an engine working according to the Rankine cycle. The site of Golgotha and of the the Holy Sepulchre, of the manger or of the home at Bethany, were to them of no special moment in comparison with the one all-important fact that " Christ was risen.". In ' For results of a comparison of the skulls of wild and domesticated turkeys, see Dr Shufeldt, in Journ. Some idea of the magnitude of Himalayan mountain construction - a magnitude which the eye totally fails to appreciate - may, however, be gathered from the following table of comparison of the absolute height of some peaks above sea-level with the actual amount of their slopes exposed to view: - Relative Extent of Snow Slopes Visible. Bacon alone was right in altogether opposing induction to syllogism, and in finding inductive rules for the inductive process from particular instances of presence, absence in similar circumstances, and comparison. Consequently the materials available for the comparison of different forms consisted in great part of heads only. A comparison of the relation of created beings to a number of intersecting circles is as old as the days of Nieremberg, who in 1635 wrote (Historia naturae, lib. The comparison between the increase of population and food had not, perhaps, been stated with sufficient force and precision," and "few inquiries had been made into the various modes by which the level" between population and the means of subsistence "is effected.". 5 times as many as 4 is 20. The content written by our service is totally original and free from all kinds of plagiarism. "I can say in the presence of God, in comparison of whom we are but like poor creeping ants upon the earth, I would have lived under my woodside to have kept a flock of sheep rather than undertook such a government as this.". Recall my comparison of a nineteenth-century London factory to a factory that makes Volvos today. f., include both the paraenetic setting and the laws; and lastly, (6) a comparison of Lev. It May Be Remarked That Starting From The Same Value At 5°, For The Sake Of Comparison, Rowland'S Values Of The Total Heat Agree To I In 5000 With Those Calculated From The Formulae. The comparison with the glove-finger is in so far insufficient as the greater portion of the non-evertible half of the proboscis is also hollow and clothed by glandular walls. Comparison: adjectives ( bigger, biggest, more interesting ) - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary The economic importance of Czechoslovakia is strikingly shown by a comparison with the rest of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. For the fiscal year1906-1907the assessed value was $375,93 2, 447, indicating the drop in values immediately after the earthquake and fire, and, by comparison with the 1910 figures, the extent of recovery. The Mean Calorie Cannot Be Accurately Realized In Practice In Any Simple Manner, And Is Therefore Unsuitable As A Standard Of Comparison. In the best times of the old kingdom the priests had shared the place of the prophets as the religious leaders of the nation; under the second Temple they represented the unprogressive traditional side of religion, and the leaders of thought were the psalmists and the scribes, who spoke much more directly to the piety of the nation. All trees were long little thought of in comparison with the pine, but of late years poplar and spruce have proved of great value in the making of paper pulp, and hard-wood (oak, beech, ash, elm, certain varieties of maple) is becoming increasingly valuable for use in flooring and the making of furniture. He likewise composed a book, called the Antitheses,' in which he proved the disparity of the two Gods, from a comparison of the Old Testament with the evangelical writings. But during the last thirty years of the 19th century the increase in its trade was the lowest in comparison with the increase in the other great European ports. Origen, in his Hexapla, placed side by side the Hebrew text, the Septuagint, and certain later Greek versions, and drew attention to the variations: he thus brought together for comparison, an indispensable preliminary to criticism, the chief existing evidence to the text of the Old Testament. Comparison with trade statistics of previous years on this side Afghanistan is difficult, owing to the inclusion of a large section of Baluchistan and Persia within the official " Kandahar " returns; but it does not appear that the value of the western Afghanistan trade is much on the increase. But on the other hand, 7 is 6 times as many as 42 means . math. In some respects he suggests a comparison with Jordanes, but in learning and literary honesty is greatly the superior of the Goth. The simplest experience - a single note struck upon the piano - would not be what it is to us but for its relation by contrast or comparison with other experiences. When writing a comparison, it is important to move equally between the two texts, and write about them together, not separately. 28, are Kpiva, and the comparison of their beauty with royal robes suggests their identification with the red Syrian lily of Pliny. How to Write a Comparative Essay. Consider the following sentence: “Mary speaks more highlier of the iTouch than the iPod.” In this case it would be best to remove the -er and use the adverb in its comparative degree. Navigation on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers was very important in early days, but is to-day of relatively slight importance in comparison with railway traffic. Any comparison between the generalship of these two great commanders would therefore be misleading, for want of a common basis. Superlative degree. purpose. Instead, he will just stare at you silently, so you know instantly that you are in trouble. Comparison is effected by the use of particles. By comparison with Florus, Albinus was, in the opinion of Josephus, a benefactor. The first column contains the symbols of the various elements which were added to the iron, and the second the percentage proportion in which each element was present; the sample containing 0.03% of carbon was a specimen of the best commercial iron, the values obtained for it being given for comparison. As a literary critic the shortcomings of Servius, judged by a modern standard, are great, but he shines in comparison with his contemporaries. A comparison with the method of a material pointer, attached to the parts whose rotation is under observation, and viewed through a microscope, is of interest. But the rich man--not to make any invidious comparison--is always sold to the institution which makes him rich. 5 in unbroken lines, with the iron-cementite diagram reproduced in broken lines for comparison. The site is interesting for comparison with Megalopolis; the nature of its plan seems to imply that its main features must survive from the earlier "synoecism" a century before the time of Epaminondas. We first evaluate the subtraction of 20 – 2. How to interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison, Common Core Grade 4. That these granules consist of a material similar to the chromatin of the nucleus of higher forms is very doubtful, and the comparison with the nucleus of more highly organized cells rests on a very slender basis. On the other we have a stage at which the rational but as yet not reasoned concepts developed in the medium of the psychological mechanism are subjected to processes of reflective comparison and analysis, and, with some modification, maintained against challenge, till at length the ultimate universals emerge, which rational insight can posit as certain, and the whole hierarchy of concepts from the " first " universals to Ta apEA are intuited in a coherent system. Several million years is a long time in comparison to a human life span, but it is short in comparison to the life span of main sequence stars. You can't use comparison (involving at least 2 items) with either (involving only one item at a time). The values assigned to H were calculated from H= 2ni/r, and ranged from 3.9 to 585, but inasmuch as no account was taken of any 2 Since in most practicable experiments H 2 is negligible in comparison with B 2, the force may be taken as B 2 /87r without sensible= error. In November of that year the Royal Society, of which he had become a fellow in 1803, and acted as secretary from 1807 to 1812, chose him as their president, but his personal qualities were not such as to make him very successful in that office, especially in comparison with the tact and firmness of his predecessor, Sir Joseph Banks. The points of comparison were, of course, deeply distasteful to the prelate, who, though he professed his " obligations for the good admonition he had received," informed the preacher that he " smelt somewhat of the pan.". Suppose that the transition from o to s is made in two equal steps, the thickness of the intermediate layer of density la being large compared to the range of the molecular forces, but small in comparison with the radius of curvature. Hume's explanation of the belief in external things by reference to association is well deserving of careful study and of comparison with the more recent analysis of the same problem by J. elective); (2) the statement that Solon invented sortition for the office is put as the basis of a comparison (89ev, ern ye ov) and, therefore, may fairly be regarded as a hypothesis; (3) there is no indication that the change made in 487 B.C. He was the first to foretell with clearness the return of his people from captivity foreshadowed by Jeremiah, and he set himself the task even in 1 Thus in comparison with the " book of the covenant," Deuteronomy adds the stipulation in reference to the release of the slave; that his master was to provide him liberally from his flocks, his corn and his wine (Deut. Step 1: Write a thesis statement. The table below represents a linear function f(x) and the equation represents a function g(x): x f(x) −1 −5 0 −1 1 3 g(x) g(x) = 2x − 7 Part A: Write a sentence to compare the slope of the two functions and show the steps . He has moreover elaborated a method for preserving Rotif era for microscopic observation, so that the types of each observer are now as readily available for comparison as the plant-specimens of the botanist's herbarium. I would write: A comparison of recognition results, where fall is simulated, between the best 100 features and all 376 features. This was nothing less than the complete revision of the planetary theories, followed by a laborious comparison of results with the most authentic observations, and the construction of tables representing the movements thus corrected. Capellus drew conclusions from such important facts as the occurrence of variations in the two Hebrew texts of passages found twice in the Old Testament itself, and the variations brought to light by a comparison of the Jewish and Samaritan texts of the Pentateuch, the Hebrew text and the Septuagint, the Hebrew text and New Testament quotations from the Old Testament. (From Lankester, " Limulus and Arachnid.") This comparison leads to the important conclusion that the wild Bactrian Camelus bactrianus ferus comes much nearer to the fossil species than it does to the domesticated breed, the resemblance being specially noticeable in the absolutely and relatively small size of the last molar.

So4 2- Name, Greek Chicken Big Green Egg, Chicken Salad Chick Menu With Prices, Easy Gazpacho Recipe Canned Tomatoes, Pottsville High School Mascot, Pig Outline Face, Douglas Fir Sheets, Recipes With Italian Dressing, Takamine Gj72ce-12 G Series Jumbo Cutaway, Till I Collapse Lyrics Clean, Comic Speech Bubble Transparent,

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